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Where to go for a holiday…

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many  people ask me where to pass their holidays

  • Have you ever visitedChennai? if you didn’t you should

The amazing city with  enchanting scenes  Located on the  Coast of the Bay of Bengal .because of the esthetic scenes its difficult for you any one to keep your eyes out of it.visiting grand places like Madras University with a history of about 150 years will worth a lot. T he Government Museum in the heart of Chennai (previously called Madras) combine the vital attributes of  the 20th century development and the incredible old fashion of  the 19th century.visiting places like the marina beach(the second largest beach in the world) will arouse an unforgettable impression regardless of the untidiness of some part of the beach it leaves no place for minimum speculation.

  • Have you ever had Fish biryani in any of the restaurants in Chennai?if you didn’t you should.

T his unmatched  experience will never have an alternative resulting in a memorable and whole reminisce of  Chennai. the variety and mixtures of  the people living in Chennai add to it the welcoming of the Tamil will stimulate a flush of excitement inside your heart.

some interesting places to visit
Resorts:MGM “Dizzle World” Beach Resort
Beaches: Marina Beach
Memorials:Anna square
Museum:fort  Museum
Parks And Zoos:Snake Park
Buildings:Madras University
Around Chennai:Muttukadu Boat House
Shopping Centers:Abirami Mega Mall
Ports:Chennai Port
Commercial Locality:T Nagar
Towers:Anna Tower

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Back track memories in india-part two(Bangalore)

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I stayed for about three months in bangalore and i remember the days where i rented a house near a train station called gokula .One day ,I decided to give the near by train station a flying visit,there was a large board with the name chika binaur .Though bangalore is a an exceptional city there are many deprived people begging near the station while some areas aren’t clean where you a total pollution of air and water.

You can find a large number of restaurants , Hotels varying from 2 to star hotels in bangalore where you can eat out , Many of them provide Biryani (Rice based foods with spices and meet,fish,eggs or vegetables),Chicken masala,ChickenTikka,South Indian meals,Rolls,Buffs and Samosas.but believe me if it you are not well adopted to Indian food then you will need to drink water with every gulp because of the further more chilly and masala (Mixture of Spices) . But what is unpreferable is that many of waiters will stand and stare at you while eating which is embarrassing and pitiful.

The majestic bus stand east of the Bangalore city railway stations is one of the three main stations in Bangalore where in order to get into a bus you have to run and catch it running,Which is really very hazardous and me myself saw people who died and where having accidents because of that.

In my understanding, It’s better not to take a bus while it is running, in my opinion taking a train is a wise and better idea can take a train from many of the rail way stations like Bangalore railway station or Kormangala where many of the foreign students live near by.

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Back track memories in india-part one(bangalore)

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it was 8:00 am in the morning when we were out of the airport ,carrying our luggage’s .there was heavy raining ,it was all foggy, in a catch of the eye there was waiting for us our senior student who was studying pharmacy .there was a queue of taxis just outside the gate ,no matter the trees around the airport were many and it was an alluring event .it took us about one hour to reach our destination , a small village in the suburbs of bangalore city.

there was a whole conversation about india, the studies and the universities there and it goes well. it was nearly 9:30 when we reached the university campus ,just not far away ,there lied the hall of residence it was all busy and crowded with students and we were a bit hungry , so we had to eat all this chilled food and masala (mixture of spices) prepared by the campus chefs. rice was always there with masala aside. that was my first day in india ,bangalore city as they call it.

in the evening that day we had a hang out it was a wonderful feeling to see along the streets dozens of people coming and going and there was the train station that wasn’t far aside from the campus.

it was so pathetic and we were all out of our hearts when we saw a woman putting a chain around an old women and pulling her like a dog it seemed as if the old women was her mother .and we felt that sympathy for her but our senior interrupted us by saying “you will see a lot”
to be continued…

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nine time management tips

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1. make a goal :that you can do.

2. priority : put tasks in order of consecutiveness and priority.

3. implement a plan :start your day with the intention of putting a strategic plan of using you time.

4. awaken a feeling of succeeding in implementing your plan.

5. fitness and wellbeing sleep as early as possible.

6. take a breakevery one hour this would increase concentration.

7. find alternatives if your plan didn’t go well.

8. hinder distractions turn off your phone,close the door.

9. get involved in a time management course.

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